What do we do?

Propertyworks is a full-service agency with access to hundreds of properties across South East Queensland, from dozens of domestic sellers and developers. We also maintain close relationships with many reputable competitors, builders, developers and other industry specialists.

We pride our agency on working closely with our valued customers and industry associates to deliver a smooth and unhindered process; to a mutually satisfying end result. Our core services include Property Management, Project Marketing and Residential Sales, with many supporting capabilities provided by our office and close external associates. The Propertyworks team works closely with a huge variety of industry professionals. We can organise, recommend, provide information and direct you to any number of peripheral services- such as trades, financial, insurances, solicitors, industry authorities and other experts.

Where do we do it?

The Propertyworks team operates across South East Queensland- from the northern reaches of Deception Bay south to the skirts of the Scenic Rim, across to the Western edges of Ipswich and east until you hit the coast.

Who are we?

Propertyworks is owned by Darren Morgans and Tomas Rivera, supported by a network of team members and close associates. The business was founded because we wanted to do things our way- in charge of building every relationship and fostering a reputation with an eye to the future.

The key is in every level of client satisfaction. We might be experts in our fields, but we don’t like wearing suits or posing for photos, probably just like you. We place an emphasis on accountability. Our service will take you from the first steps of purchase to the maturing of your investment property, the ultimate test of our conduct. 
If we had promised an unachievable rent, underquoted maintenance or misrepresented the market direction, you’d know about it- and we’d be right there in the firing line. Fortunately, you can be assured that we wouldn’t dream of any of those things.